Kronos Consulting Services

Whether you work in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, or any industry in between, you need a Kronos system you can rely on. From Time and Attendance to Advanced Scheduler, genies to work rules, our Kronos consultants will help ensure you have a winning implementation. You’ll get a custom solution and see immediate results with our Kronos software consulting services behind your business. Our Kronos consulting services include:

 Time and Attendance

Kronos Time and Attendance is a powerful tool and, not surprisingly, the platform’s most-used module. Kronos’ automated time and attendance solutions reduce labour costs by enforcing pay and work rules – consistently and accurately – across the organization. It helps HR managers ensure compliance, understand the true cost of labour, and increase employee engagement. Labour-intensive timecard tracking, data entry, and approval processing are simplified. And that reduces the administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee inquiries – all while minimizing overpayments and compliance risk. Benefits of Kronos automated time and attendance solutions include:


  • Improved payroll efficiency and accuracy
  • Eliminated employee time theft
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Optimizing your Kronos Time and Attendance configuration can help maximize workforce productivity.

Advanced Scheduler Setup

Every company would have a dedicated resource hired just to create, balance, and adjust schedules daily, or even hourly. When you are building a schedule for an employee, it is often common that an employee will do multiple things during that period of time while they are working. All of them are important to put on the schedule for coverage and tracking purposes—but the reality is, managers today are often faced with multiple roles within the company.

Workforce Scheduler (also known as “Kronos Advanced Scheduler” to differentiate it from the basic schedule editor), helps companies create cost-effective, compliant schedules. Creating rules to help build schedules that meet your staffing needs eliminates over- and under-staffing and identifies overtime. Other configurable options within Advanced Scheduler can also help reduce your labour costs. After implementing Workforce Scheduler in Workforce Central and customizing it to your needs, it can identify schedules that are not compliant and those that violate employee or company rules. Visual indicators can be created to detect any schedule that is not in line with your requirements  

Workforce HR and Payroll Configuration

Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll automate administrative processes, so you can focus on managing your most valuable asset – your employees. HR automation saves time, money, and resources, and does wonders to improve candidate experiences. That’s what makes Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll so appealing. It integrates human resources, benefits, and payroll functions into one streamlined, easy-to-use module. This means employee data is entered once (yes, once!) and shared with other applications or staff as needed. Goodbye redundant data entry and hello HR and payroll automation.


Human Resources : Spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting your organization’s strategic objectives. With Workforce HR, you have a single-source solution that offers you complete automation for employee data. With Kronos Workforce HR software, you can:

  • Control costs by eliminating data entry into more than one system
  • Reduce litigation, grievance, and audit risk with a single solution for applying, storing, and accessing workforce information
  • Manage employees with automation that reduces tedious tasks

Payroll : Add control and flexibility back into your payroll process. Achieve accuracy and consistency to minimize risk across all systems. With Workforce Payroll, you can put an end to service bureau fees, and get payroll right the first time. Benefits of Kronos Workforce Payroll software include:

  • Accurate, timely payroll
  • Increased cost of savings
  • Total control over payroll processing and employee information
  • Maximum flexibility over any last-minute changes
  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting so you can analyse and make better business decisions
WIM Development

Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) is the integration component of Workforce Central. WIM is designed to ease data sharing between Kronos and other systems, including HR management, payroll, and ERP systems. With its extensive data manipulation and conversion capabilities, WIM can handle even the most complex interface requirements. You can transfer data fields, such as employee ID and total worked hours, directly from your Kronos solution to a destination system. You can even concatenate or parse source data, like employee names or numbers, to meet import requirements. If your payroll or ERP system needs data stored in more than one system, the WIM interface can run SQL queries to extract information from a number of individual sources.

When you need to get data from here to there and everywhere in between, the Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) is the answer. Its built-in Workforce Interface Designer tool makes it easy to configure and maintain interfaces for basic business functions. But when your needs are more complex, or you’re not finding it to be as simple as you hoped, it may be time to call on a Kronos WIM development expert. Through custom WIM interfaces, data passes seamlessly from system to system without the need for manual entry.