Here is some of our work we are really proud of !

Surf a Trip

Destinations Beyond Imagination

SurfaTrip got you covered where ever you go.Forgot to book ticket even at the last minute we are here for you.Want to unlock the explorer in you? Awesome! Because we provide the best location for you stay.Places which are explored by bona fide natives.

Sounds Like Fun

Education & Gaming App

Sounds Like Fun

Mobile Game

We are facing a world of technology where we have access to unlimited knowledge to absorb and grows every day. But to find the right content is a tough task. In order to tackle this zDistanceLab put into action with new learning solutions that enable parents to teach more with less – time, money, and experience we have created the Sounds Like Fun Application which is created for kids in the age group of 4-7.

We are prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving making traditional methods of teaching, such as rote memorization, no longer sufficient to teach students. The SLF application has a learning system that is scalable and wildly entertaining so we can awaken a student’s curiosity for learning and make learning addictive and achieve faster learning while developing higher-level cognitive skills.

The above can be achieved using the 3 Modes.

  • 1) Sound Mode
  • 2) Game Mode
  • 3) Interactive Mode

The SLF Application empowers students to learn-by-doing by directly engaging with their subject matter through immersive interactive experiences. Learning transitions from traditional memorization giving students the ability to apply, analyze, evaluate their knowledge improving creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

CPMI Professional Development

Neural Voice

Text to speech neural systems by zdistancelab is a solution designed to allow you to create high quality voice recordings . For the story telling voice project, we have created prosodic neural voice of a famous US educator and author .We can convert any written text such as MS Word, PDF files, non-DRM eBooks, and webpages into spoken natural sounding speech. We are using this neural voice for our other gaming and education projects for voice commands, narration and conversation etc.

Training Models

Deep Learning

Training Models

The project is intended to get the json data of both labels and texts from SAP user interface errors. The client wants to extract data from the error images and this will be pushed to other processing flows to do predictive analytics of the error data . We have used deep learning training models with open source machine learning technologies ,proximity algorithms and text extract techniques to get correct data. The training sets of images were 10,000 and we were able to achieve 95% success rate .


Plan your next ride with us.

An online ride booking site for ride-share users. Plan your next trip in advance. Avoid surge charges, always a flat fee. Find local drivers near you.

Opposites are FunFair

Opposites are funfair is a virtual reality app to helps the kids to study the opposite words in a fun virtual reality app, also they can explore the fair, play games, and rides in virtual reality.


Channel Manager


MyOtoh is a channel manager that connects homestays across India. It facilitates homestay owners to choose the OTAs they are willing to tie -up, seamless booking through myriad of online travel aggregators . This will provide various analytical and statistical reports to home stay owners to achieve good return on investment.