What services do we provide? 

Our virtual reality applications help students and common people learn faster, commit to consciousness, and judge better. see how we do it. Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we’ve streamlined the content creation process so you’re up and training using AR and VR in days, not months. The product will be integrated with a variety of educational and enterprise databases and systems to provide an efficient and modern training and working experience. At zDistanceLab, we believe that knowledge is a basic right for everyone. We also believe in the transformative power of experiential learning using augmented or virtual reality. These solutions actively engage learners, resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision-making.

Virtual Reality Benefits

Virtual reality has definitely been a turning point in the marketing industry. Virtual reality utilizes a simulated environment for a better user experience. Imagine the fantasy and excitement when you are a part of such an amazing experience. So, when your business utilizes the VR apps, you can cater to the needs of the customer in the form of greater visual engagement. It definitely enhances mobility, which is of immense significance considering the regular day-to-day hustle and bustle. You will undoubtedly be able to reach a larger customer base with the Virtual Reality app. It ensures the cost-effectiveness of your marketing strategies as well. So, with a one-time investment, you will be able to enjoy better and more features with the aid of a virtual reality app. It enhances the brand's reality. The app ensures a more interactive learning experience about the product or service. Hence, with the app, you can be assured of a rich user experience. It also makes it more convenient for the clients and the customers.

How X Reality Can Help Your Business?

Real Estate

For all of you realtors who have previously provided property buyers with pictures, videos, and sketches to entice them to apartments, flats, or bungalows, there is now a better way out in the form of a virtual reality app for real estate. All you have to do is seek the services of the best app developers, such as us, and reap the benefits.


Simulation and training are interconnected. In order to get the best for the trainers and instructors, and at the same time avail finest for students, it is recommended to get the app. It will make learning a better and lasting experience. Then, there are the students far and wide, which will be able to learn better from it with ease.

Education and Early Learning

Both Augment Reality and virtual reality has been adopted by educators over the last few years . AR in education helps students achieve better results through visualization and full immersion in the subject matter. Through virtual reality, improve education by providing students with memorable and immersive experiences that would otherwise not be possible . For example simulating the nuclear reactor atomic interactions can never be achieved using naked eye.


E-commerce sector is getting lots of traction using X reality technologies . The Ikea AR store was the pioneer in introducing AR into the ecommerce sector. Now its been using in many e-commerce sector including fashion , Jewellery, Home essentials , Opticals and much more.