AWS Consulting & Development Services

Build, deploy, manage your cloud applications with our most innovative teams of architects, developers, and engineers.

AWS first

AWS is equally useful for small, medium, and large businesses. For companies that have the potential to grow quickly, AWS best suits them for their business scalability and our long-term relationship. AWS has significantly more services and features within those services than any other cloud provider, from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases to emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things.

According to the AWS pricing page, the world’s leading cloud services provider offers over 120 cloud services. That’s more than any other IaaS provider by a wide margin. However, despite the choice of services being a great selling point, it is also a factor that drives businesses to look for AWS alternatives.

Our AWS service offerings

AWS solutions

Build end-to-end solution in AWS that includes, front end presentation layer (mobile/web), backend business logic and integrations with third party softwares.

AWS Implementation

Design AWS cloud architecture for the customer current and future workload and provide expert direction for an existing technical team.

AWS Migration

Move existing business operations into AWS securely and run with low cost. Customers who run on-premises or another cloud hosted environment, we will help them to migrate to AWS cloud platform. It includes assessment of existing platforms, migration/rewrite of tech stack, smooth transition of workload, data and integration migration.

AWS Cost Optimization

We have often seen that client is already in AWS based on the existing architecture and workload that was planned for years . We do optimize the AWS cost by considering the current and future roadmap . Sometimes we need to re-architect the solution which will be a good ROI for the client . The growing adaptation and emerging of serverless computing enable us to implement most cost effective solution to the client.

AWS DevOps

Improve the development and deployment process using AWS tools and provide technical support including on call, pager duty, ticket monitoring, dashboard monitoring etc for an existing solution.

3rd Party integration for existing AWS solution

Provide technical support for integrating existing AWS solution to other 3P systems like integrations with SAP, Identity verification etc

AWS Hosted solutions support

Provide technical support for an existing technology solution that can easily deploy, customize and run for a specific set of user base (Jamf, etc)

AWS Managed Service Support

Provide technical support for both development and manage of enterprise technologies in AWS like Cassandra data store, Active MQ etc

Data migration/backup pipelines in AWS

Provide technical architecture and solutions to send data to AWS storage and build a data pipeline for backup, logging, compliance, machine learning etc.

AI solutions in AWS

Provide AI solutions to customers using AI technologies from AWS like facial recognition, transcribing data, sentiment analysis of data, chatbots,sage maker etc.