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Learnx is a virtual collaboration platform solution, tailored using available software solutions in the market, to help Schools, Colleges, Tuition Centers, Individual Tutors, Students and Corporates & Professionals all over the world to continue their education, training and business operations without any disruption during COVID-19 lock down days.

Learnx is a CLOUD based virtual platform that can be implemented in a few simple steps. Any individual or academic institute or business with zero technical background can start using the platform. Our consultants can help you deploy it and get you back on the learning track in hours. Are you game? Shoot us an e-mail in

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Why LearnX ?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, academic institutions, businesses all around the globe had to come to a standstill. An unexpected disruption impacted their regular operations. Some of them quickly adapted to virtual learning/ business operations. We, zDistanceLab are focused on solving real life problems. We wanted to help the community in whatever way we can. Learnx is a customized solution that can address Academic Institutes, Instructor Training and Corporate & Professional Problems. Our goal is to help them with technology adoption fairly quickly.

LearnX Offerings

Learnx provides all the tools necessary for teachers and students to interact and learn from anywhere at any time. Collaboration tools like E-mail, Shared storage, Shared Contents, Chats, whiteboards, audio, video etc. are provided as part of the package. Instructor led training and business operations for professionals are also addressed in this platform. Users will have the liberty and flexibility of customizing their package from a set of world class software solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Zoom, Cisco WebEx etc. Learnx also provides integration capabilities that can leverage hundreds of online learning contents and content sites. We wanted to democratize the education industry through this learn/teach anywhere any time model. Learnx opens up endless opportunities for teachers and students all around the globe to teach and learn virtually there by eliminating the need for a physical location and removing the barriers of distance. Parents need not drive during rush hours between academic institutes and their home. The early trends from all over the world indicate that everyone wants a robust virtual teaching/learning platform that can be extensively used and made an extension of existing models.

Our Key Features


Video conferencing

All the participants can see each other.


Screen sharing

The participants can share their screen and explain the content over audio/video.


White boarding

Participants can use the whiteboard to collaborate.


Session Recording

Virtual sessions can be recorded and reused.



Participants can chat with each other as well as use the group chat function.



Microsoft Teams has advanced capabilities to integrate with Office 365 and other tools..

Academic Training

Create Your Profile

Academic institutes such as Colleges, Schools, Tutorials can create their profile, create classrooms, teacher profiles, create student profiles, Assign students to Classrooms/Teachers.

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screen share

Access the Virtual Learing/Teaching Platform and Tools

We are not reinventing the wheels here. Industry leaders have come up with a variety of collaboration and learning tools and platforms. There are multiple options available to customers. Oftentimes, these large software solutions are quickly adapted and benefits are gained by large and financially strong organizations. zDistancelab is aiming for making these available options accessible to medium and small institutions and individuals through the packaged solution Learnx. We also want to absorb the technical expertise needed to start using these solutions from a non-technical education user community. In short, we can identify the suitable solutions for you and set up the solution for you free of cost. zDistancelab’s mission is to find solutions to real life problems and this is one.

Mobility, Content, Assessments

Get ready to fly! Virtual Learning is just a beginning. You can integrate your learning platform with various learning contents and online learning platforms - Khan Academy, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, etc. You can access hundreds of online resources such as question banks - etc, Teachers can create quizzes and conduct online tests. Users can access the platform from the Web as well as mobile devices. Learnx will have Analytics to assess student learning and through adaptive learning, the student learning outcome can be increased. We can build customized solutions for your needs. Let us talk!

Explore Our Offering

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Instructor Training

Collaboration tools

The world is wide open for Instructors of various disciplines such as Music, Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Chess, Spiritual & Religious and Academics. There are technologies availables to conduct virtual training sessions for students around the globe. Every passionate student is looking for opportunities to get trained by a great instructor of the discipline from anywhere in the world.

Students from US, Europe, Middle East, Singapore etc are looking for Music, Dance, Yoga sessions from Instructors in India. Students are looking for Math and science classes by experts. Quran, Bible, Geeta classes can be effectively conducted over the virtual platforms that we introduce to you. These remote tutoring opportunities are opening up excellent financial possibilities for Instructors and learning avenues for students around the globe. We can help you to set up collaboration tools like Zoom or Microsoft teams based on your needs, free of cost. Reach out to us in

Corporates & Professionals Training

If you are a corporate or professional and your business is impacted by lock down or Covid-19 or similar situation, we would like to help you. We can offer free consultation and setup virtual collaboration software that will enable your business to function virtually. You and your colleagues can be in touch virtually, team members can be assigned tasks, meetings can be conducted, files can be shared, we will figure out a solution for you. Please reach out to us in

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Lawyers / Legal office - We can set up virtual legal offices. You may set up a schedule on the virtual platform and your clients can pick a slot and schedule meetings with you. Clients can still meet you, discuss their cases with you. Files can be exchanged. Let us talk more and find a solution that meets your needs.

Doctors/Clinics - The world is adopting telemedicine now faster than ever. Doctors can publish their schedule on the virtual platform and patients can take appointments. Both can consult over video conferences and discuss the patient problems. Doctors can send the prescription over message or email or chat.

Banking/Insurance/Trading/CPA - We can set up a virtual collaboration platform for your team to work together. You can meet your customers over video conferencing and exchange communication. We can talk and find out a solution that works for you and make your business function without any disruption.

We can build a CLOUD based virtual office with advanced solutions. There shouldn’t be any physical location constraints for corporates and professionals to function during this digital age. Let us help you to redesign your business.

Our Offering



  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams Basic Version

Video | Messaging


  • Microsoft Teams

Video | Messaging | Recording | Content Sharing |

White Board | Office 365 Integration

Basic Product


Zoom is the leader in web,video conferencing . We can have a conference room where other students can participate . The below are key features that Zoom supports .

  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Take control of the recipient’s machine
  • White boarding
  • Record session (loca/cloud)
  • Transcribe the session.
  • Messaging.
  • Raise hand
  • Zoom got installables available in (windows/mac/linux) and got light weight plugins for chrome as well. It has the app available for both iphone and android. Their control listing is very user friendly and you can go ahead with free installation . Zoom is a great tool for your virtual schooling if you are just starting off with online schooling . If you are only concentrating on how your classes are delivered, to the student not on collaborative teaching zoom is a good tool to start off.

    Microsoft Teams Basic Version

    Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place, letting educators create vibrant learning environments. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues – all from a single experience.

    Microsoft Teams has a base version similar to Zoom, which requires some extra effort to install and use. In our ‘Advanced’ option you can find more details of Microsoft Teams. If you are a College, School or Medium to Large Tutorial, we will strongly recommend exploring our ‘Advanced’ package here.

    Advanced Product

    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place, letting educators create vibrant learning environments. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues – all from a single experience.

    It's not justifiable to compare zoom with Microsoft Teams . Essentially we can say that it’s a superset of features supported by Zoom. The difference between the two is really Microsoft’s integration between Teams and its Office 365 stack. This enables Microsoft Teams to truly be a one-stop-shop for many organizations.

    There is a free tier Microsoft office available for students who are using the Teams. Click Here

    Microsoft Team supports installation in desktops (mac/windows) and can be installed in android and ios devices. Team pricing is 5$/user per month if you go for an annual contract. When it comes to web /video conferencing, couple features supported by zoom are not available in Teams .

  • Raise Hand signal
  • Transcribe
  • HD Audio
  • White Board
  • Recording
  • Blurred Video
  • Meeting Room Chat, Individual Chat
  • File share
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar, One Note
  • Unique Teams capabilities for education users:

    1. 1. A simplified Teams view that provides a simpler way to navigate and reduces visual distractions.
    2. 2. OneNote Class Notebooks are built into every class team, allowing teachers to organize interactive lessons and deliver personalized learning right from Teams.
    3. 3. End-to-end assignment management in Teams enables teachers to move quickly and effortlessly from creation and distribution to grading and feedback.

    Assignments and weekly guardian e-mail digest

    One of the new features related to Assignments is the weekly guardian e-mail digest which are weekly emails sent to students' parents or guardians. The emails will contain information about assignments from the previous week and for the upcoming week, and will be sent over the weekend. The emails need to be set up and updated by the admins using the School Data Sync feature. SDS automatically populates classes for Teams with student rosters from the school’s student information system (SIS). The steps to enable this feature are:

    1. 1. Import parent contact information via Parent and Guardian Sync in SDS. Click here for instructions on how to enable Parent and Guardian Sync.
    2. 2. Turn on the Guardian Setting in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center Teams Admin Center, as the setting is turned off by default. This will enable teachers to send out a weekly digest. Note that teachers can opt-out of the digest by deselecting the setting inside their own personal class team (Settings > Parent/Guardian Emails).
    video collaboration

    Microsoft Team Productivity App Collaboration

    Microsoft supports a big collection of productivity Apps which can be installed in Teams . It includes Trello, Webex,Zoom etc. In fact you can add zoom with Teams if you want to utilize zoom for the video calling. The screenshot is making Zoom call from Microsoft Teams.

    Setting up the Microsoft Team for your school or Organization

    Setting Microsoft Teams a little bit tedious even for the technical person. The first thing we need to understand is which specific configuration is needed within the options available.

    Are you going to set up a Microsoft office for all the team members ? If yes, what is the office package needed for each of them.

    Our consultants can absorb all the technical pains and set up whatever works for you. You just need to make the choices. Feel free to reach out to us in

    Qatar : +974 5583 5390
    Europe : +358 45 8640099
    India : +91 98950 91409
    Singapore : +65 8449 2336