Neural Voice

What We Do for You?

Integrate high-quality voices into your multimedia applications using zDistanceLab TTS engines. Create TTS apps for your embedded and mobile devices, such as iOS, Android and Embedded Linux. Build IVR, telephony, alert, and other voice solutions using the versatile text-to-speech (TTS) Server and SDK.


There are no barriers to knowledge. Text reading applications and text-to-speech applications enables people with special needs to exercise their freedom of speech-speak what was always on their mind and listen to other people's ideas and aspirations.

At zDistanceLab, we specialize in developing and delivering the best text-to-speech solutions for personal users, developers and businesses. We have a range of text-to-speech software for embedded devices, desktop and network server/applications. Say goodbye to robotic sounding voices and say hello to our human-like, natural synthesized voices in different languages and voices. Our team of techies and engineers strive to deliver the best quality text-to-speech solutions to our customers.

whether you’re developing a new e-learning software or putting the finishing touches on the perfect announcement system, zDistanceLab can help you let your ideas be heard—loud and clear. TTS engine allows you to build and integrate your applications with our synthesized voices in perfect harmony. E-learning software, announcement systems, audio books, and any other devices or applications— zDistanceLab voices are primed and ready to meet your professional needs.


  • Exceptional Performance From Life-like, Natural Sounding Voices
  • Online transactions.
  • Multilingual Voice Family
  • Elevate Speech Fluidity and Make Your Speech More Human
  • Personalize Your Language With a Customizable Dictionary
  • Text Normalization Accuracy for Special Characters Differentiation
  • Adaptable Footprint
  • Adaptable Footprint