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A software product is a good, service, platform, application, system, etc. that is created, maintained and supported by solving problems and providing benefits to specific customer and business needs. Products tend to be maintained by a stable group of individuals who do work together regularly and who bring in others as needed. Unlike project development , product development needs to go through completely agile and need to have many release phases . At zDistanceLab we have product engineers who can work to accomplish your product from vision to launch .

Tech partner role in software product Life Cycle

Product development Lifecycle involves the following stages: Plan (Idea and Concept), Design and Development, Testing, Launch, and Maintenance. As mentioned before, the Product Engineer should be included in the product development at a very early stage and contribute to every phase of it. Let’s look closer at how Product Team can make the product more customer-oriented on every stage of its development.

As market dynamics and customer change constantly, the Product Engineer can also introduce innovations to the existing products. This process includes the analysis of product gaps, its integration into the new market environment, and the adoption of the IT infrastructure. 

During the Design Process, Product Team plays an integral part in creating the most user-friendly and cost-effective product design possible. They research the usability of design and propose different solutions and modifications to it. Besides being user and budget-friendly, the design idea should also be unique and with a great concept. Product Team can offer changes at every stage of design building. UX research is essential as it helps make design user-friendly and ensure there’s a great functional interface. After the design is finally done, the development phase begins. When creating a software product, it should be divided into features, with the specifications and the usability test for each feature. Product Development Team should play the role of Project Manager in this case, as they need to decide on which functions are obligatory and which can be gotten rid of without harming the usability of the product.

After the development stage, the product should go through testing to detect functionality problems and to evaluate its quality. The process includes Web and Mobile testing to identify and solve stability, usability and other issues that can get in the way of the great user experience with the product.  Various methods can be used, including user experience research with surveys and focus groups. Product Team keeps track of how the product meets requirements outlined at the early stages and whether there are some errors made during development that should be fixed.

The final stage is to launch your product after everyone involved in its development gives a green light. Then the target audience should be informed about the product by advertising, press releases, public events, etc. Product Engineer is concerned about the users’ feedback on the product in order to find areas for improvement. Launch doesn’t mean the end of work for Product Engineer. Afterward, they need to regularly update the product, the system that it runs on, and fix the issues that may appear during its exploitation.

Product Team Benefits and Importance for Business

The IT industry offers a ton of possibilities for the business and can improve its performance significantly. But at the same time, it can be a real challenge to create a great software product that can be both feasible in terms of budget and time management. Assistance in this difficult process is only one of the Product Engineering Service benefits for business. Let’s take a look at the other ones.

Firstly, it helps in creating the strategy of software product development. To uphold the competition, you need your product to be innovative. Innovation adds value to your product. But, a new idea should always be tested. There are usually more risks when creating something new and traveling off the beaten track. In this case, hiring a Product Engineering Company can be especially useful for your business. They help you by collecting a lot of data on future product’s functionality and they can confirm the feasibility of your idea.

Software is now an essential part of business progress and takes a significant place at ROI spending. Therefore, improved software testing processes will allow you to achieve your business objectives in the shortest time but with high-quality end-product. With Product Engineering Services, you can be sure that your product is evaluated and tested to ensure the best quality and to grant the best user experience.